Always, somewhere, someone is fighting for you.

"If someone tells me that it's wrong to hope, I'll tell them they're wrong every time." - Madoka Kaname

Hello everybody, without any doubt I'm not the world greatest Madoka's Cosplayer. However, 'cause that looked funny I wanted to try !
If you have any question, in English or in French, ask me ! By the way, I'm sorry for my way of speaking English.
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I.. I can’t speak for all the magical girls,I don’t want to make a mistake or hurt someone !
But I can tell you hum…

Homura and Kyoko are like a cat, a little cold, they prefer to be alone, Kyoko like eating a lot, and, they are adorable ♥

Mami and Sayaka, like a dog, are loyal, brave, friendy, and very lovely ♥

And me…


I can’t be a heroine of justice like Sayaka. It’s her quality and her personnality, I can’t be a hero like her, that’s why I admire her so much. I just can do my best in my own way, and I’m happy like this !

And, between us


The Heroine of justice should used a sword, and I can’t !


Oh, someone really want to fight with a goddess ?

How cute !

As she gives her time for me, I will do the same for her, it will become a part of my wish.

Even if I’m in the dark and alone, I will lever let her die, I will lever let someone die again.



"She is really a magical girl ? "

"Shut up bitches and do it ! "

"Me again ?! And my date with Mamo chan ?!"

Magical girl secret !

If our fates are bound, it means that our lives are bound too, and in this case, I see only one solution. To save the world, it’s with joy that I sacrify myself!

What ?!

"A wild Homura Appeared, Go Madoka !
 Madoka used Panty !

It’s super effective !

Gotcha Homura was caught !”

You’re a little weird Hitomi chan.


For me I’m not sure, but I can tell you for the others

Kyoko would be Iron Man, lonely with a big heart


Sayaka would be Captain America, of course, for her sense of justice and duty !


Homura, I let you guess !
"Love is for Children, give me a gun and I will save Madoka"


Mami would be Thor, a cute little Labrador


And maybe… I would be the Hulk



Imagine that this is me when I was young


Here, there are the other kids who were at school with me


« Oh look, it’s Madoka, she’s so lame, nobody wants to stay with her, she’s always on her own. »

And it’s now that she appears


«I’m Sayaka Miki, and you ? »


And I feel never alone again.

Santa know me so well, look at this cutie thing, I will kiss her every night before go to sleep.