Always, somewhere, someone is fighting for you.

"If someone tells me that it's wrong to hope, I'll tell them they're wrong every time." - Madoka Kaname

Hello everybody, without any doubt I'm not the world greatest Madoka's Cosplayer. However, 'cause that looked funny I wanted to try !
If you have any question, in English or in French, ask me ! By the way, I'm sorry for my way of speaking English.

Oh damn I almost forget about this tumblr. I’m sorry I doesn’t have time now with my study for it, but you can follow me here if you want, it’s my cosplay page :3 
Thank all of you who follow me all this time, it was really fun !

And thank you gifyo, I don’t want to update my gif again damn.

Why I have some new followers ?!
Hum, hello everyone ! It’s been a long time, I’m sorry ! I think I will come back soon, I want to make a new Madoka cosplay - her kimono - and make a new for her Godoka and magical girl dress, and why not her uniform ? Well, so, I’m in a Madoka mood again :3

You are really sweet, and I’m sorry for no updating, but as I said, I don’t have any asks, so I can’t update. I will post some random follow of my Serenity cosplay but is not Madoka, I’m so sorry, I love you all and I want to cosplay my sweet Madoka again !


Don’t worry, I will take care of you ♥

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I.. I can’t speak for all the magical girls,I don’t want to make a mistake or hurt someone !
But I can tell you hum…

Homura and Kyoko are like a cat, a little cold, they prefer to be alone, Kyoko like eating a lot, and, they are adorable ♥

Mami and Sayaka, like a dog, are loyal, brave, friendy, and very lovely ♥

And me…

Hello everyone ! I’m so sorry to not update, I have really a lot of work this semester, so I think I will not update before some weeks, after the 14th march I will be totally relaxed ! I haven’t forget you and I will come back ! ♥ I hope all of you are good, take care of yourselves !


I can’t be a heroine of justice like Sayaka. It’s her quality and her personnality, I can’t be a hero like her, that’s why I admire her so much. I just can do my best in my own way, and I’m happy like this !

And, between us


The Heroine of justice should used a sword, and I can’t !


Oh, someone really want to fight with a goddess ?

How cute !


Aw, I would like to meet a lot of another character, there are so many amazing !
But in a first time I would really meet Sailor Neptune.
She is so pretty

And smart, cultivated
And her cousin is really handsome !

And of course Sailor Moon Senpai, even she is a crybaby …


..she’s the greatest magical girl ever and a role model for all of you ♥



Artist: ドヨコ // Doyoko

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Émilie as Neptune and me as Uranus - Japan Expo 2012, Paris

(deal with my pride)

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